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Speaking on “POV & Voice,” East Texas Writers Guild Workshop, 2015

I have the good fortune of teaching writing—plus publishing strategies—to an array of writers with diverse writing projects—fiction and nonfiction, prose and poetry. Teaching venues vary also—from SMU Writing Path classrooms, to my living room, to conference, library and convention halls.

For all these I apply over 40 years of experience ranging from journalist to magazine freelancer to book author. And NOW, I combine teaching, editing...and individual instruction.

Contact me at: carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net

SPEAKING TO WRITING CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS AND LEADING SEMINARS has been an exciting outgrowth of writing and teaching. Most rewarding with comments such as:

“We loved having you present at East Texas Writers Guild. Perhaps you can return sometime…” Pat L.

“I am still hearing positive comments about you and about your presentation at our Workshop in July.” Roger Middleton, East Texas Writers Guild, Tyler.

TO SCHEDULE A PROGRAM, let’s talk (phone or email): 817 726 0412 and carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net.



FORT WORTH: The adjoining video offers a preview of Writers Circles, small groups—poets, essayists, memoirists, creative nonfiction scribes and novelists. They’re eclectic groups, all with a story to write.

“She (Carmen) really is a great teacher, as well as a good writer” —Jim B., Fort Worth

In each session, I offer instruction; fellow participants provide feedback to make it better. We meet once a week:

The name? Traditionally, the earliest “storytellings” took place in a circle around a campfire. We take our name, “Writers’ Circle” from this tradition.

WRITERS CIRCLES MEET...Tuesdays, 7-10 pm, at my home in West Fort Worth and Wednesdays, 1:30-4:30 pm. The groups are small to foster mutual support, to give each writer the room to learn and to grow. Writers Circles continue for six-week sessions. Contact: carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net for the next start date.

INTERESTED? In attending or giving a gift certificate?

LET’S TALK… carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net OR 817 726 0412.


INDIVIDUALLY I OFFER INSTRUCTION for writers to learn the basics or to expand and polish your craft and art of writing. Private sessions are by appointment. Schedule at: carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net or call 817 726 0412.


AND THEN, THERE’S MANUSCRIPT EDITING… It’s my privilege to edit the works of writers—bloggers, essayists, novelists, short story writers, memoirists and narrative nonfiction authors— retaining their author voice, yet shaping style and structure for publication. BY appointment in order to give proper attention to each piece, so just give me a call or email me at: carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net.


these classes…see www.smu.edu/creativewriting

“I wanted you to know that I am learning much from you.  You have already taught me techniques that belonging to the Romance Writers of America did not in the 2 years I was a member. I’m glad to be here.” Sue B.

“Just in case I have not made it clear, I have loved this class. You gave us so much and made this a wonderful experience. I am constantly awed by your ability to motivate, encourage and develop writers. Thank you so much for this 'boot camp' for writers.” My Best, Pat P., Dallas

  • MEMOIR & PERSONAL ESSAY – techniques to select the events and times of the personal story and braid them together in the form best suited. (4 weeks)

  • `WRITE NOW!’ – a course for writing for the short market in fiction and nonfiction PLUS savvy techniques toward publishing these. Students may explore both fiction and nonfiction or emphasize one. Finish with a story, an essay an article and the marketing tools you’ll need. (5 weeks)

  • SHORT STORY – Lots of people want to write but may not be interested—or have the time—for a book. Here we’ll emphasize the techniques to control a story into a taut and riveting short journey for the reader for either literary or commercial genres. (4 weeks)

  • NARRTIVE NONFICTION – telling the true story with all the verve and excitement of a fictional story. Called ͞Narrative Non Fiction: The Proposal, the 12 – week course takes up 3 emphases: 4 weeks in class at SMU on the style and elements of narrative nonfiction, writing the first 2-3 chapters; 4 weeks independent work (with weekly telephone/email consultations) to create the narrative outline, and 4 weeks in class to prepare the marketing portion of ͞The Proposal͟required for submissions. If you have a true story, no matter its nature or content, and you want to put it into book form, this is the class for you. (12 weeks)

  • FOUNDATIONS OF CREATIVE WRITING – Students explore various forms of writing—fiction, nonfiction , narrative nonfiction and even a bit of poetry. On this exploratory path we’ll also pick up the tools of writing for today’s reader and today’s market, completing the course with a story, an essay, an article. (5 weeks)

For more information and for schedules, or to register for SMU classes go to www.smu.edu/creativewriting. To visit with Carmen about the class, contact: carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net

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