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We offer Creativity retreats or workshops in the half day, full day and weekend variety.

"The Appetizer," a half day event with a tantalizing taste of techniques to enrich a spiritual life that may seem empty temporarily; or, explore ways around and through “blocks” to your creative yearnings.

"The Entrée," a full day to serve up a workshop where we focus on quiet, play, and breathing, opening to the spirit to bring forth the creative pursuit—or thought(s)—we seek…and time to pursue what emerges creatively.

"Full Course," is the weekend—Friday night thru Sunday lunch—at this time, women only. Here we practice the "3 R's"--Retreat from distractions, Refresh our learnings and Renew the creative spirit--while experiencing our soul’s work and joy with paintbrush, pen, guitar, clay, dance, camera…wherever your talents and interests lead. And bond with other women on separate but similar pathways.


Writing…Writing to Heal…’Creativity, Our Soul’s Playground"

Often, the stimulus for writing ideas may spring forth while collaborating with other writers in a setting separate from everyday life…a time to reflect, a time to learn…a time to write. .. a RETREAT to write!

WRITING RETREATS may be scheduled—from 2 hours to a weekend--by a group that wants to come together. Maybe you’re a group of mystery writers or romance writers; maybe you’re a group of professional writers itching to tackle creative writing. Yet, while it may be a writing group, it doesn’t have to be. You might gather a group of friends and acquaintances; perhaps, a church fellowship group, or perhaps people you’d just like to get to know better and discover your writing interests together. If that’s the case, contact me at carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net. Check out my writing blog, www.scribblers.tips for general writing tips and suggestions.

OR…perhaps you’d like to be included when I’m “forming up” a group for a retreat. If that’s the case, email me or sign up for my newsletter, Scribblers’ Sanctuary …

"WRITING TO HEAL”"…Writing brings about healing, what this retreat format emphasizes. When life gets bumpy, when loss strikes us, when anger ranges across many spectrums or reclines, suppressed, drowns us in depression, we need a way out. Often the arts provide that. This particular one day retreat—though formed last—might best be first for people undergoing major upheavals in job, family or social life because if we can write it out in prose or poetry or lyric, the writing helps sort out the pain.

So many students in my memoir classes talk about this…”getting it down on the page to get it out of me”… ("it" being the pain of past hurts). Writing the personal story, its hurts and anguish, joys and celebration often brings about a letting go of the past, breaking free of old hurts. Sometimes that may be expressed in a memoir or essay. Sometimes it may be the province of a journal. Your decision.

But, writing heals. If you’re interested in this half-day program, contact me at carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net.


QUESTIONS…CURIOSITY…Have you ever said, “I’m not creative,” or “If I were creative I would…?” Have you been blocked by time pressures? By responsibilities? By opinions of others? Or, have you been blocked by your own ideas?

Is it time to take up some pursuit? To explore where creativity—we all have it, just use it in different ways—might lead? It might be to some artistic pursuit. It might lead toward new wrinkles in relationships, in business.

We all have creativity. It is our Soul’s Playground.

If you would like to explore yours, if you would like to burst through resistance, then try on one of our retreats. Writing, just one of many art forms including music, painting, photography, pottery, dance (and I could go on), invites people to explore what happened, to let loose expressions of how what happened felt, and what they can and will do about it.

At many of our Creativity Retreats…"Creativity Our Soul’s Playground"…my colleague, SJ Mackenzie, and I teach the release of pent-up feelings, whether these be sadness or anger, fear (I’ll never be able to paint or draw, dance or write, sing, etc.). And then we can move into the sunlight of creativity, tapping into the source of that creativity.

We teach these responses through activities of play—sometimes boisterous—and periods of quiet, interspersed with information about the creativity process and how we access it. Usually, we’ll share a meal for that seems to be a grand time of getting to know each other, of creating bonds of creative understanding.

If you’d like to know more about us, please see my bio and resume on the “Pressroom Page .” SJ—musician and therapist—has more information about her and her work at: www.sjjoyalive.com.

Interested in a combination of the three retreats—Writing, Writing to Heal and Creativity Our Soul’s Playground, we can work out a schedule amenable to all of us!


CONTACT: 817 737 6958
SJ at joyalive@sbcglobal.net