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"I enjoy your column in the Wise County Messenger. It's always fun to read about something, or someone that has been so important to our state's history."
— Janet Wilson
Paradise, Tx

Did you know...

She went “over the road” bringing entertainment, Texas’ first woman circus owner and operator.  But that came after she used her acting and entertaining talents as a spy for the Confederate forces. When her circus hit town, bankrolled out of her purse, veterans (of both armies) got in free.

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“Thanks Prof Goldthwaite! I'm so glad I joined your class. Those techniques for helping us to flesh out a character the readercan believe work really, really well. Can't wait for Thursday!

-- Rajal from SMU class.


I have the good fortune of teaching in Fort Worth and Dallas.

IN FORT WORTH, I teach Writing Circles that meet weekly in my West Fort Worth home. I chose the word “circle” because that’s “storytelling tradition” from the earliest campfires. The gatherings are small, the interests vast: novels, memoirs, short stories, essay, narrative or creative nonfiction. One group meets Tuesdays, 7-10 pm; the other, Wednesdays, 1:30-4:30 pm.

WRITING CIRCLES will re-convene after the holidays, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 6 and 7 for a new six-week session.

INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION, whether novice or experienced, by appointment.

EDITING OF MANUSCRIPTS for style as well as story structure—novels, short stories, essays, narrative nonfiction and biography, by appointment.

For all of these I get to apply over 40 years of experience from beginning journalist to author to teacher and editor.
CONTACT ME: carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net or
PH: 817 737 6958/817 726 0412.

(Dates & Times will be announced later but here’s a summary of classes):

NEW! SHORT FICTION — a 4-week session on writing compelling short stories, whether genre or literary fiction.

NEW! MEMOIR — Writing personal narratives or essays or a book. All of these are forms for your story. Decide what’s right for the story you want to convey and we’ll apply principles of writing and “personal” research toward a finished work (a plan for a book; a completed piece for an essay). Also, a 4-week class.

FOUNDATIONS OF CREATIVE WRITING — In this basic class, students explore various forms of writing—fiction, nonfiction, narrative nonfiction and even a bit of poetry. On this exploratory path we’ll also pick up the tools of writing for today’s reader, today’s market, completing the course with a story, an essay or an article. A 5-week class.

NARRATIVE NONFICTION: THE PROPOSAL — Because in nonfiction we submit only a proposal, not a completed manuscript, I teach the three basic elements of the proposal (with a presumption that the Foundations course has been taken): Writing the first three chapters; preparing a narrative outline, chapter by chapter, and the marketing proposal of platform, audience, competition, query, etc. A 12-week program.
For information on these and their schedules, please go to:  smu.edu/creativewriting.

INSTRUCTION for Groups, Organizations and Conferences
Jan. 9 and 16 2015 – half day each, a “skills sharpening” workshop for communication professionals at Dallas Independent School District.
You and I together can devise a program that’s a fit for your group’s interests and writing growth needs. Let’s talk…
Contact INFO: carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net




An autumn celebration – 5 years of “Writing Circles” and the launch of Texas Ranch Women: Three Centuries of Mettle and Moxie

SMU student and husband & Barnes & Noble signing and program

Writing Circle students/participants…celebrating 5 years!