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Readers love the stories of

"You have a knack for bringing to life women of the past. I enjoy these stories."
— Beth Kisor
Historic Fort Worth Inc.

Did you know...

Did you know that in the Central Texas town of Brownwood a young woman who suffered migraines became the state’s First Woman Optometrist...she pumped the organ in her church and helped shape the Texas Democratic Party.
Do you know this woman?

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NOW…scheduling for 2014…

Already scheduled…

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 10:30 a.m., Dallas -- Sons & Daughters of the Pilgrims, talking about Texas’ formidable women.

Monday, Feb. 10, 4 p.m., Brady -- Texas Daughters of the Republic --stories of Texas’ early women.

Thursday, March 20, noon -- Tarrant County College, downtown Fort Worth campus (program to be determined)

Wednesday, May 14, Brownwood -- at noon on the Howard Payne Campus for the book club; later for the museum. (One of the “Dames” lived and worked in Brownwood--Texas’ first woman optometrist.)

Terrific audiences for the Texas Dames this last year.


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More ideas for programs for your organization:
The Professions and “Texas Dames™”

   Medicine — from anesthesia, optometry, physical rehabilitation and railroad doctoring.

   Science ——botanists and marine biologists, both students of flora and fauna from Austin to Fort Davis.

   Business — in Dallas’ beginnings, a woman in construction; another ran a circus (after serving as a spy in the Civil War); another ruled timber and banking interests in Huntsville; another from Dallas invented and successfully marketed “white out;” the former black slave who cornered downtown Dallas real estate; four who ran successful hotels from the coast to Dallas.

   Agriculture — Texas being an agricultural state and still large in agri-business, quite a few “Texas Dames” stories recount their experiences over the miles of Texas borders and across the eras:
   • Fifteen ’Dames’ from the coast throughout West Texas, raised cattle, sheep, horses (even the first polo ponies sold to New Yorkers) while pioneering in oil and banking.
   Law — a half dozen Texas Dames parlayed their law degrees to serve as Supreme Court judges, “the all women Supreme Court in 1925,” while modern women have followed to the bench in state and county courts in the 1970’s.
   Aviation — Four “Texas Dames”
   • Two women pilots and instructor pilots holding the earliest pilot’s licenses in the 1920’s
   • Two women stayed on the ground and wheeled and dealed to recruit, train and sustain women pilots for service in World War II

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