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"You find the untold stories of so many women... women who've been lost from the pages of history, and you write them well."
— Ann Smith
Sam Houston Chapter of the DAR.

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…that an illiterate Irish immigrant played “hostess” to the Battle of San Jacinto?
She went on to become the largest rancher in Harris County and honored by her neighbors as “Aunt Peggy.”
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NEW! Writing, and writing to publish, is fun. Seeing my book come out is exciting! It’s off the press and readying for shipment now so the September 30 publishing date for Texas Ranch Women: Three Centuries of Mettle and Moxie will be met, perhaps even a few days earlier.
And, long anticipated (sometimes dreaded), I’ve finally started writing blogs. It just seemed the thing to do. I’ve gathered and collected so much information—and so much that didn’t fit in the book—that blogging offers a chatty way to share. So…that’s what I’m doing.

Not just one blog, but two:
NEW!  SEPTEMBER 17 http://scribblers.tips/ that I’ve scheduled and subtitled as “Weekly on Wednesdays...and sometimes more” will launch Wed., Sept. 17. Naturally, it’s a writing blog where I’ll offer tips and ideas and some words from many decades of experience. I’ll visit with readers about style and structure; fiction and nonfiction. In this blog I’ll draw on my experience at writing books, magazine articles, fiction and fact, and early years in journalism. But I’ll also tap into a plethora of guidance I’ve gathered for the writing classes and speaking engagements I’ve spoken to and taught.

NEW!    SEPTEMBER 18http://texashistoryblog.com is just that. It’s stories about Texas, particularly about her people, both women and men, who’ve wrenched the province, the country and the state from the wilds and made her great. I’ve spent 15 years researching Texas Ranch Women. A whole lot of that research didn’t make it into the book. So, what better way to talk about it than to share with other like-minded Texana buffs in a weekly chat on Thursdays, subtitled “Texana on Thursdays.” I think of it as a “front porch” conversation about Texas.
Join me if you will. Each blog offers an opportunity for contact and exchange and I hope you will, whether it’s questions about writing, thoughts and knowledge to share about Texas history, or just a “hi there.” I’d love to hear from you.

Also, stop by in October and say hello where I’ll be signing copies for this new book, Texas Ranch Women: Three Centuries of Mettle and Moxie:
IN DALLAS—3 pm, Sat., Oct. 4 - Lincoln Park Barnes & Noble, 7700 W. Northwest Hwy.
IN FORT WORTH—1 pm, Sat., Oct. 18 – TCU Barnes & Noble
IN AUSTIN—2 pm, Sun., Oct. 26—The History Press booth at the Texas Book Festival.

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