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"You find the untold stories of so many women... women who've been lost from the pages of history, and you write them well."
— Ann Smith
Sam Houston Chapter of the DAR.

Did you know...

…that an illiterate Irish immigrant played “hostess” to the Battle of San Jacinto?
She went on to become the largest rancher in Harris County and honored by her neighbors as “Aunt Peggy.”
Do you know this woman?

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A note from Carmen...


“Thank you for your plain stated advice.
Thank you for repeating it.
Thank you for treating each member of our class
with equal dignity and attention."

                               -- Jen F., recent SMU student.

Carmen’s holiday note…
   As mentioned in my recent “Scribblers’ Newsletter,” the holidays offer writers excellent opportunities for “character research,” observing a favorite uncle’s tics or character tags; for overhearing choice phrases as family and friends talk. These observations keep us in a writerly mood when quieter time for writing may be diminished or lost in the hubbub of gatherings, flights, decorating, shopping, cruises, cooking, and assorted road trips (all fountains of writing material).
   In the middle of the holidays I took off to learn and add to my teaching bag of tricks with seminars and writing intensives taught by the well known authors like mystery scribe Charlaine Harris and famed personal narrative/memoir writers and creativity pro’s Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron. Not only do I have the privilege of applying their tips to my writing but passing along their pearls in my classes, both those at home and those at SMU, plus assorted conferences, seminars and workshops.
   WRITING CIRCLES meet in my West Fort Worth home and will start up again January 7 and 8. For details, click here and visit my Writing Teacher’s page. The Circles I teach and lead are dedicated to nurturing the creative writer within each person and helping to shape their stories--fiction and nonfiction; short and long. Many who’ve attended are now in the Hard Knocks School of Submitting their works for publication. Most importantly, they keep writing…keep growing in the craft, in confidence, and in persistence--the three-pronged strategy for publication.

Call 817 737 6958; Email: carmengoldthwaite@sbcglobal.net.


   2013, A VERY GOOD YEARfollowing the publication of Texas Dames: Sassy and Savvy Women Throughout Lone Star History, a lot has been added, making life richer with people, events and projects:    COMING IN 2014--a new class on memoir writing at SMU…in March!
SMU CLASSES start Jan 22 2014. For the schedule and more information see the Writing Teacher page or www.smu.edu.

A NEW YEAR BRAG: My story or personal essay, “Night Bull,” will be published February 4, in Chicken Soup of the Soul’s “Miracles Happen.”

Happy Writings …Carmen














Carmen Goldthwaite at booksigning for Texas Dames:
Sassy and Savvy Women Throughout Lone Star History.

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