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"We have greatly enjoyed your columns on "Texas Dames" of our early history, as published locally in the Wise County Messenger."
— W.B. Woodruff, Jr.
Decatur, Tx

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From bussing tables at a Bonham hotel, a community embraced a teenage black girl and helped her into colleges and conservatories to become a celebrated opera star in Europe.
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Creativity, Our Soul's Playground

Writing, as many pursuits, brings about healing. So many students in my memoir classes talk about this…”getting it down on the page to get it out of me”… ("it" being the pain of past hurts).

Writing, one of many art forms including music, painting, photography, pottery, dance (and I could go on), invites people to explore what happened, to let loose expressions of how what happened felt, and what they can and will do about it.

At many of our Creativity Retreats…”Creativity Our Soul’s Playground”…my colleague, SJ Mackenzie, and I teach the release of pent-up feelings, whether these be sadness or anger, fear (I’ll never be able to paint or draw, dance or write, sing, etc.). And then we can move into the sunlight of creativity, tapping into the source of that creativity.

We teach these responses through activities of play—sometimes boisterous—and periods of quiet, interspersed with information about the creativity process and how we access it. Usually, we’ll share a meal for that seems to be a grand time of getting to know each other, of creating bonds of creative understanding.

If you’d like to know more about us, please see my bio and resume on the “Pressroom Page .” SJ—musician and therapist—has more information about her and her work at: www.sjjoyalive.com.

We offer retreats or workshops in the half day, full day and weekend variety.


CONTACT: 817 737 6958
[email protected]
SJ at [email protected]