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"We have greatly enjoyed your columns on "Texas Dames" of our early history, as published locally in the Wise County Messenger."
— W.B. Woodruff, Jr.
Decatur, Tx

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From bussing tables at a Bonham hotel, a community embraced a teenage black girl and helped her into colleges and conservatories to become a celebrated opera star in Europe.
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Creativity, Our Soul's Playground

    Have you ever said, “I’m not creative,” or “If I were creative I would…?” Have you been blocked by time pressures? By responsibilities? By opinions of others? Or, have you been blocked by your own ideas?

   Is it time to take up some pursuit? To explore where creativity—we all have it, just use it in different ways—might lead? It might be to some artistic pursuit. It might lead toward new wrinkles in relationships, in business.

   We all have creativity. It is our Soul’s Playground.

Now scheduling for 2014...

Three “Retreats” for Creativity:


   Let’s talk…to organize a creativity retreat for your church, business, civic or nonprofit group…OR to join a waiting list for our next public event.

Carmen or SJ at 817 737 6958  OR
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