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"...here's to these ol' dames... might I have permission to forward the article in the Wise County Harbinger to..."
— Linda Potter
Newark, Tx.

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A Dallas woman, a widow in the 1850’s, juggled the roles of business with caring for her children. She built a bridge across the Trinity River that sealed Dallas’ future as a major city at the crossroads of Texas.
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A new story in Chicken Soup of the Soul, the announcement received on my birthday…a nifty present…

“Carmen, Congratulations!
Your story Night Bull has been selected to appear in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen. We appreciate both the opportunity to publish your story as well as the special message you have chosen to share with the world through our book series.”


"My son-in-law gave the book TEXAS DAMES to me for Mother's Day. I just wanted to let you know how very much I have enjoyed reading and re-reading these stories! Thank you so very much for doing all this research and then writing this book."
— Sara Fulks

"I loved Texas Dames! Reading it on a road trip across the Lone Star State was a perfect backdrop! My only complaint is that it ended too soon!"
— Melissa Swensen Martin



Here’s what’s happened as a result of your enthusiasm for these women’s stories:


Book Tour 2012 on PhotoPeach


Texas Dames: Sassy and Savvy Women Throughout Lone Star History.  The History Press of Charleston South Carolina https://www.historypress.net/. ISBN 978.1.60949.812.2)  has published the collection of “Texas Dames” stories that ran in a couple of dozen community newspapers around the state. The book highlights the women whose lives, lived in uncommon times by today’s standards, nudged and sometimes yanked Texas and Texans into gentler, more enlightened ways. Without them—from the early Indian girl Angelina who greeted strangers and interpreted her Caddo language, French and Spanish for explorers and priests, to a tomboy from Port Arthur-Beaumont who set Olympic track records and then rocked the women’s golf world—Texas would not be the same. Stories come from these women as well as early pioneers, the “Old 300” of Stephen F. Austin renown, business women, doctors, educators, ministers and suffragettes. It’s a calico quilt of Texas history through the eyes and lives of women. The stories and a potpourri of pictures will show readers the grand state’s history and its high stepping women.


In 2012’s Chicken Soup of the Soul: The Magic of Mother’s and Daughters, my essay about my mother, our relationship and her last six months appeared. Titled “Burgers and Butterflies.”
  A gentleman from the Sudan now living and working in Saudi Arabia wrote: “Your story might be the kiss from my father that God welcomed him in Heaven…the dawn of our loved ones has come no doubt.”



Whispering Spirit, an Historical Family Saga
By Carmen Goldthwaite


  The moonless night enveloped Marseilles. Out beyond the wall, the scent of fresh-plowed dirt filled the air. Stars twinkled and danced on the velvet curtain. A hush draped the landscape until the cathedral bells tolled, tolling not for the hour, but for emergency. City streets sprang to life. Smoke clogged the district. Brigades sloshed water at a blaze, but without intensity.

  In the odd silence in her home, well away from the business district, the faint tolling of the bells woke Catherine Marie DeSpain. No one moved about. No snoring. She missed the morning sounds of family and the scent of olivewood smoke drifting up the stone and wood stairwell. She shrugged off her cocoon of hand-sewn quilts and stretched on tiptoes to peer out the small, wood-framed window of her bedroom, overlooking the road to the old port of Marseilles. A lantern from a passing carriage cast shadows that jumped and twitched like puppets on a string. The light flickered and then fell dark. Shod hooves of a team of horses clattered on the cobblestone street. A loud crack like a small pistol shot followed...


In 2013:

Summer… The Colonade, a literary anthology. A fictional story I wrote, “Summer’s Kiln,” inspired by assorted true experiences—yet fictionalized—will be published. “Summer’s Kiln,” takes place in Far West Texas on an old family ranch with modern political problems. “Congratulations to Carmen Goldthwaite of Fort Worth, TX and her short story titled Summer's Kiln, 2012's third quarter fiction prize winner,” read the Colonade Writing Contest announcement from CJM Books.
Web site: www.cjmbooks.com

February 2013... The Writer’s Guide to 2013: where I’ve written articles on Sentence and syntax, Creative Nonfiction and Research for the publication of The Writer’s Institute, an excellent school for writers where I’ve enjoyed a 12-year relationship. Web site: longridgewritersgroup.com

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Texas Dames: Sassy and Savvy Women Throughout Lone Star History
Chicken Soup of the Soul: The Magic of Mothers and Daughters 

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